Scouts Badge Scheme

Core Badges, Activity Badges, Challenge Awards & Gold Award

In the table below are links to the challenge badges that are worked on during your time in scouts, use the links to help you plan and work towards obtaining these badges.
The ultimate goal is to obtain you Gold Award by the time you move onto Explorers.

To achieve your Gold Award you need to complete the following Challenge Awards:

and any 2 of the following:

There are also Activity Badges that you can work towards

All links to the badges on this page take you to

If you are interested in, or have done, some of the badge work, please speak to a leader who will be able to assist you.

Core Badges
Core Scout Badges
Actvity Badges
Scout Activity Badges
Staged Activity Badges
Scout Staged Activity Badges
Activity Packs
Scout Activity Packs
Challenge Awards
Scout Challenge Awards
Gold Award
Chief Scout's Gold Award
Partnership Awards
Partnership Awards


Where to put your badges on your shirt

Where to put your badges

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